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Supporting the Mission of the Alliance

We are now years into an opioid epidemic, depression and loneliness continue since the pandemic, and people throughout the nation are at risk of substance misuse. Each of these factors brings the worst of consequences – lost lives, lost relationships, lost happiness and joy, lost futures.

At the Alliance, we fight this war daily all over Oakland County. Our mission directly impacts individuals, families, schools, workplaces and the entire community of Oakland County.

We seek sponsors (corporate, individuals and families, and other private funders) to join our Alliance Community Sponsorship Program. Your sponsorship of our work extends what we can do in our community. In addition to the work of each particular program or event, the specific goal of sponsorships is to increase messaging and awareness of the problems of substance misuse disorder and the need to Shatter the Stigma.

Click on the Sponsorship Options button to the left to view available sponsorship options