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These harm reduction boxes will include Naloxone doses, testing strips, safe disposal kits and more

An interactive map detailing the location of each "Save A Life Station" can be found here.

Save a Life Stations


TROY, Mich. – The Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities (The Alliance) today announced plans to install lifesaving harm reduction boxes throughout Oakland County next week. The “Save A Life Stations” will be placed in high-risk areas to provide the community with free and open access to vital items like Naloxone doses, Fentanyl and Xylazine testing strips, safe disposal kits and informational resources such as Naloxone administration training videos. These boxes, thanks to funding provided by the Oakland Community Health Network, aim to make a life-or-death difference for those struggling with substance misuse.

“Harm reduction efforts, like these Save A Life Stations, help people struggling with substance misuse to stay alive long enough to seek treatment and get on the road to recovery,” said Harm Reduction & Recovery Support Director of the Alliance Steve Norris.

Next week, the Alliance will drop off 10 “Save a Life Stations” to different high-risk areas throughout the county. To remove barriers to accessing these lifesaving materials, the Save A Life Stations will be located in areas available to the public 24/7 like hospitals, motels, gas stations and shelters. The list of locations includes HOPE Shelter, Cass Lake Motel, Sacred Heart, Gammons Medical and more.

“Even though Naloxone can now be bought over the counter, it is still expensive. And there’s still stigma surrounding substance misuse that people encounter when reaching out for help,” said Julie Brenner, president and CEO of the Alliance. “These boxes remove some of those barriers for those seeking help, making these important resources more readily accessible to them.”

The “Save A Life Stations” will remain stocked at all times. Eventually, the Alliance plans to install more than 30 harm reduction boxes for the community’s benefit.” An interactive map detailing the location of each “Save A Life Station” can be found here.


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About The Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities

The Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities is a substance misuse prevention and wellness organization that supports a 21-coalition prevention partnership in Oakland County serving more than 55 local communities and provides recovery support and education groups for anyone affected by substance misuse. The Alliance also provides free Narcan training. The Alliance connects, strengthens, and mobilizes strategic partners to promote healthier communities. For more information call 248-221-7101 or follow the Alliance on social media @allianceofcoalitions on Facebook and Instagram and @ACHCMichigan on Twitter.